Fresh Produce – Media reviews

The day after the book was published it ended up on the Facebook dentist to dentist page and from there onto other forums. Early feedback on those forums has been positive and it will be interesting to see how the average dentists practice continues to react. I sincerely hope that the book forces a change in the dentistry world, but being realistic I doubt it will.

I had anticipated that some would hate me for speaking out but as of yet I’ve only been applauded. I have been overwhelmed by the number of former students who have been in touch to say thank you for writing the book. Some said that their four year experience at University was the worst of their life and described how they had been left lost and confused. The book is bringing back their confidence.

‘Interesting Read’

‘The books not perfect but it’s perfect enough. He’s managed to do a good job of making dentistry and it’s regulation (or rather the failings of it) easy to follow , even though the content is a bit heavy in places. I got a good few laughs out of each chapter’

29 September 2019

‘Whistle blowers guide to the Galaxy!!’

Hard hitting book on serious issues impacting everyday people like me and probably you, cutting through the normal boring approach, sad but with humour, enlightening breakdown of the unseen aspects in the modern dental world. I couldn’t put it down! It provides a bite back to the bad apples, where ever they are and I applaud the author for the tenacity applied to bring us this story.

Amazon Customer
9 October 2019


First time in a long time I have enjoyed and been intrigued by a book this much ! I couldn’t put it down ! My friend, a 3rd year dentistry student down South has experienced some of the failures in teaching that Dr Ahmed mentions … decent sized font !

1 October 2019

‘Perfect pictures painted in words’

A lively read , a spirited visceral account of an unpleasant experience . Had to get to the end of a chapter before I could get on with anything else .

A buyer
1 October 2019