The Noodles – About the author

Dr Hafeez Ahmed,
BDS; DGDP (RCS); FDS (RCS); MSc perio; Mclin Dent; MRD (RCS); PGCAP.

Qualified as a Dentist in 1992; then as a Periodontal Specialist in 2001 and has worked as a part time clinical teacher throughout the same period. Born in Birmingham; West Midlands married with 3 teenage children and no pets, I operate from practices in Royal Leamington Spa and London.

The Meat – About the book

Herein lies a ‘David vs Goliath’ story of my efforts to expose the innermost failings of one of the most revered and respected university teaching hospitals in the UK. It describes the emotional impact of being a whistleblower; what whistleblowing does to you and in my case how I was saved by philosophical sayings and a fridge. When does truth become lie, good become bad, incompetence surmount intelligence? All too often in the modern world our best institutions – conceived with the best intentions…

The Fruits – Peer reviews

‘Although many people have their nightmare stories to tell about bad dentists, and many more suspect the integrity of the profession as a whole, this book provides more than confirmations and revelations about the dental profession and the failings of its institutions. These failings are probably endemic to most modern professions and organisations. Whistleblowing, on the other hand, is rare and first hand accounts of the experiences of whistleblowers are even rarer. The book will therefore be of great interest to scholars of organisational behaviour, workplace psychology, human resources, sociology of work, etc. It also appears to lend itself well to adaptation as a TV drama series…’

Dr Emma Stringfellow
Assistant professor / Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Coventry University

Fresh Produce – Media reviews

The day after the book was published it ended up on the Facebook dentist to dentist page and from there onto other forums. Early feedback on those forums has been positive and it will be interesting to see how the average dentists practice continues to react. I sincerely hope that the book forces a change in the dentistry world, but being realistic I doubt it will.